Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to get free money at UMass

Here's the thing about UMass. Sure, it's big, and sure, it's sometimes crazy and it feels like no one cares about you. But: if you reach out, you can usually find help.

A student just told me a story about not having any money. This student was worried about not being able to come back in the fall. The student met with an advisor at Financial Aid, and the advisor walked through all this person's options, where the student was from, what the student's financial situation was. Asked many questions. The student ended up with a scholarship that helped ensure a return to UMass in the fall. This never would have happened if that student hadn't gone to the Financial Aid office and asked for help.

Which brings me to scholarships. There are probably more than $50,000 in scholarship dollars about to be handed out over the next six weeks. Some are straight scholarships, others go to help fund research or study abroad. Still others help to defray the costs of  summer internships, which, in journalism, generally go unpaid.

How do you win some of this money? Make sure you have a great looking resume, and write a great essay. What makes a great essay? No typos! More than a few drafts! And follow this model.

I'm hosting a workshop on Weds., March 8 at 4 p.m. in the Hub with Matt Morouvic from Financial Aid. We'll talk about what it takes to win and how the scholarships work.

I'll be posting the available scholarships as I find them. Three words: APPLY, APPLY, APPLY.

The UMass Alumni Association offers more than $100,000 in scholarships each year. The deadlines for these have passed, but please plan for next year.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Scholarships include scholarships around research, study abroad and other areas. 
Journalism Dept. Scholarships are given out to Journalism Department students only. If you are in other departments, check their websites for major-specific scholarships.

New England Newspaper Publishers Association $1,000 scholarships for college students pursuing a career in journalism.

Broadcast student? Apply for the Student Broadcaster Scholarship. 

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