Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Apply now for 2017 competitive internships!

If you've done a few local internships and you're interested in a higher level, BIG DEAL  summer internship,  at a place like The Boston Globe, The New York Times or The Washington Post, NOW is the time to apply. Fall deadlines approacheth!

Boston Globe Internship deadline: October 22.

Washington Post Internship application deadline: October 16.

The Dow Jones News Internship deadline is November 1.

The New York Times is looking for interns in reporting, interactive news, video, audio, audience development, and much more. Deadline: November 1.

Miami Herald. Deadline: October 31.

Here's  a list of more internships. 

Here's info from the American Society of Magazine Editors 2017 Internship Program.

I will help you build your application package. You should have at least one or two smaller internships, and employers are also looking for campus media experience.

These programs get hundreds of applications for about a dozen slots. It will not be easy and odds are that you won't get in on the first try. Apply anyway. You'll learn a lot, and the judges will remember you next time.

Before we meet, please read the posts below and be sure that you have a solid resume prepared according to my Career Tips Handout in the right hand column of this page, as well as a Pressfolios or Wordpress site with your clips, and a solid Linkedin profile.

Clean up your social media presence and get your Twitter feed up and running and tweet some smart things. (I recently had an editor tell me she would have hired a student, but that she wished he was a better tweeter.) You can get a resume review with Julie or Lucy out in the Hub; they'll be posting their schedule in the Monday Memo.

I want to see the package that you'd be sending out, and we'll make sure it best represents you and your work.

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