Thursday, February 12, 2015

Career tips roundup

We're halfway through this semester's Journalism Launchpad class and the "How are you doing?" check-in board has gone from despair to cautious optimism. Love that! If you're about to graduate or looking for an internship, and you couldn't fit the Launchpad Class into your schedule,  check out the books we use in this class, What Color is Your Parachute? (I actually prefer the 2013 version...) and The Success Principles.

Here are a few online resources we're also looking at as students are identifying opportunities and preparing their resumes and developing their interview chops. (Practice, practice, practice.)

Do you talk too much?  It can kill you in an interview, and it can  hurt your career.

The Muse is a great little site with some good posts about careers and job hunting. Here's one with some great tips on how job hunters can and should use social media.  You can also follow my Journalism Launchpad Twitter list for more tips:
If there's a company you want to work for, you'd better be following it on Twitter. Here's a Mashable post on How to Find a Job on Twitter. 

Also from the Muse: This is what a video resume should look like.

And this: Five TED Talks to watch before your next interview.

From American Journalism Review: Four Skills Newsroom Recruiters Wish Candidates Had. 

How to Break Into the Magazine Business.

If you will be meeting with me for help finding a job or internship, do some homework first. I'm telling job hunters to check out the job boards on the right hand column of this blog and start hunting around. If you are looking for media jobs outside of New England, check out, where you'll find lists of newspapers, television and radio stations by state. Go west, young person! Reach out to previous internship supervisors for leads. Get networking. In the Launchpad Class, students are required to speak with ten people each week about their goals. Think about it. In one month, you will have spoken to 40 people. Got to be some opportunities in some of those conversations. That's what networking is all about.

You should also do a saved search on Career Services website with the keywords that work for you. (See my online video tutorial below for help in this.)

I'm telling people to come to me with a list of 15 places you want to apply, along with a full resume, prepared like the model in the Career Tips handout in the right hand column here, and a basic cover letter. You should also have a solid Linkedin Profile and  a Pressfolios page or Wordpress site with clips of your work. That's a good start!

Then come see me.

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