Saturday, September 14, 2013

Video-storytelling an important skill, wherever you want to work

As this New York Magazine story  points out, video is a growing part of the digital strategy at the Times these days. The paper has hired dozens of videographers to build its content, just after having laid off many reporters. 

Lately, some of the most powerful video newsreporting I've seen has come not from a television network or cable newscast, but from video packages produced by a newspaper. These packages combine the rigorous reporting of the traditional print journalist with the sounds, sights and feel of the actual material being covered, making them almost mini-documentaries. While the network newscast must tell a story in two minutes, these packages have the luxury of time and digital space.

Two packages I've come across take the viewer deeper into the issue of inner city violence.

Chicago Under the Gun, produced by the Chicago Tribune, looks at the toll of gun violence in the city.

And this Post-TV video from tells the story of Curtis Mozie, who lives in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Mozie is a true citizen journalist who has documented on video the lives and violent deaths of the young men in his neighborhood. He produces DVD's of his work for the mothers of the dead to help them remember their sons.

Both of these packages are sometimes difficult to watch, and also difficult to forget. It's hard to imagine that a text-only story would have the same impact.

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