Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springfield Republican Entrepreneurial Journalism Internship

We're going into our second semester this fall with the Springfield Republican/MassLive Entrepreneurial Journalism Internship, designed for grads of Entrepreneurial Journalism (Take it this fall!) to use some of the tools and skills they picked up in the class.

This paid internship involves writing and management of MassLive's UMass 101 blog, along with other media management activities, like shadowing in the ad sales department and working on special projects.

Preference will be given to grads and fall enrollees of Entrepreneurial Journalism, but others will be considered. If you're 're interested, please email a resume and your Linkedin profile address to

Here's a job description:
Primary responsibilities:
·       Write and coordinate contributions to the U Mass101 Blog on Mass Live. 
·       Maintain and build or re-build a group of regular contributors who will send information for blog posts.  (Because of the transient student population, recruiting new contributors is probably an ongoing activity.)
·       Use social networking, including  Facebook and Twitter, to promote the U Mass Blog and attract comments or submissions.
·       Work to expand the usefulness of Mass Live and the U Mass blog to people at U Mass and other regional colleges, particularly students.

Internship will be provided opportunities to :
·       Increase understanding of what goes into a news site’s digital presence by exposure to news and ad sales staff at the Republican and Mass Live.
·       Work on a special project to be determined jointly with intern at the beginning of each year or semester.  Examples might include (but are not limited to):
Working with Mass Live staff to create a model landing page or pages to be the online home for student submitted content, in addition to the regular blog posts.
Expanding the blog to encompass information about events or from students at other schools, particularly the 5 colleges.
Using information from online metrics, when available, to understand the needs and interests of the blog audience or potential blog audience, and incorporating that into future blogs.

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