Sunday, March 10, 2013

What my students learned from writing about the economy

The first day of Journalism 301: Introduction to Multimedia Reporting is always pretty much the same.

I tell students they have to produce an online news package about the economy.

Here's what happens. 

Then, something funny happens. Over the course of six weeks, we look at lots of online sources, we interview people, we talk about stories and how the economy impacts different people in different ways. We focus on the economic issues facing students: the job market, student loan debt, the cost of college, the disparities in salary levels among majors.

And by the end of that time, students have actually produced some pretty good work for beginners.

One assignment is a curated blog post entitled, "What I learned about covering the economy." Here are a few of the best ones:
       Alex Lindsay

       Michele Thorkelson 

      Samara Abramson

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