Monday, May 6, 2013

Read the want ads even if you're not looking for a job

I love my job, but I'm always looking for another one.

Not necessarily for me, but for any of the dozens of students and alumni I know and keep in touch with. I'm always perusing the job boards and classifieds so I know what skills employers are looking for. Lots of times I come across something that fits the needs of someone I'm either working with or I'm connected to. This is how it works. 

Yesterday I was talking with a student about his goal of travelling for awhile after he graduates. Raz and I have been talking with him over the past year about how he can use his journalism skills and other experiences to  finance this, including teaching English, working at an American school, picking up some freelance work at English language publications, and freelancing to US publications while he's traveling. 

Then I read this newsletter called Bonjour Paris, which I subscribe to (if you love Paris, go get it now. You'll love it.) It featured a story by a woman who's moving to Paris from Australia, and it explains how she did it. She found work on, get ready, Craigslist Paris. I know I'm old school, but  I hadn't even thought of Craigslist Pareee. 

Of course, there are Craigslists everywhere, including Peru, where I came across a possible job for this student. The rest is up to him.

Here's an internship in international reporting. I have another student who's really interested in this field. She might not be eligible this year, but she can read the ad and get ready to apply next year. 

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