Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tips from Alexa: Money matters

by Guest Poster Alexa Wilansky '14

Today’s tip is based on paid internships. While I’m at school, my internship is strictly credit. When I am home, my internship is paid. That was the agreement. This isn’t really a tip, but if you’d like to establish some sort of compromise with your boss and your work ethic, then by all means sit and have a discussion with your boss.
I don’t have to tell you that money can be tricky. I always feel awkward when discussing my payment with anyone, especially someone I work for. I know from the outside-in it looks like no big deal, but no one really knows how the situation is because they don’t know your boss like you do.
If you receive payment automatically then no worries, but sometimes it’s out-of-pocket, especially if it’s someone who owns their own company.
Set up an account on an app called Venmo. It’s a free app designed to let friends, or whomever, send and receive money. It uses your account information for direct transfer and deposit. Have you and your boss (or person who pays) set it up. It also works online at Venmo.com. Venmo is great because it doesn’t charge up the nose like PayPal does (hint: they recently started deducting fees for deposits and withdrawals).
Talking about something like this can be difficult. Some bosses honestly don’t care one way or another talking about it. Either way, for your comfort, bringing it up casually is your best bet. Say something like, “I put a few hours in and sent you an invoice. Let me know if you’d like me to work a few more hours or if I’m working too often.” (Most supervisors like you to work a lot, but some prefer just enough hours a week to keep costs down and it’s not as overwhelming).
Hope this helped!

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