Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alexa's back. With more interning tips.

From guest poster Alexa Wilansky '14:

Welcome back students! I hope you had a great break. I have returned with more internship tips, as a lot happened over winter break.
Since I was just two floors below my supervisor’s office, I saw her more often than usual, even in relation to the summer. We spoke every day about what's in the future for the company, and we met with clients. 
Yet, I did a little bit of meeting on my own. So here’s a tip, if you see an event that’s interesting and you can meet people, but will also help with your boss’s work, take matters into your own hands and go! Take notes on your phone and get as many business cards and and as much information as you can.
To refresh, I intern for a commercial real estate company called elleco inc. I was fortunate enough to have interned last summer for Bisnow, a primarily, commercial real estate company. They throw these huge networking events called “Schmoozerama.” I attended their latest event January 16.
There, I reconnected with my old friends from Bisnow and, most importantly, I even got a few new connections. Not only did I build my network, but I got my boss some new connections as well. I got information for a website designer who will also make a mobile app for her website, and information on a great contact who can help with events if she ever needed it.
Don’t be shy about being independent. It’s a win-win.

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