Thursday, December 6, 2012

Want to get hired? Get up offa that thing

It's that time in the semester, when the employee evaluations on interns start rolling in. Lots of employers say nice things about you folks, but over the past few years, I've seen an increase in comments like:
"I would like to have seen more initiative on X's part,"
"X should leave her cel phone in her bag and not text all day to friends."
"X would be better able to pursue a career if he was a bit more proactive in pitching ideas, instead of waiting to be asked."

This means some basic behaviors: Don't just sit there. Don't wait to be told or asked. Use every opportunity you have to connect and offer the ideas that will make people notice you and like you.  No cel phoning or texting during the workday. Actively participate in staff and story meetings and offer ideas and insights. Too shy? Then do something about it! If someone says, "any questions?" You should have one.  Not really interested? Fake it! There's nothing more depressing around an office than the blank face of a bored 20 year old. So don't be that person.

 As the great philosopher James Brown would say: You all need to get up offa that thing.

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