Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tips from: Alexa Wilansky '14

This semester, I'm asking students to share their tips about the major and internships. Give a big hand for... Alexa Wilansky '14!

If you're looking for an editorial internship, consider the option of working for a business, and here's why. You get more freedom, and you get to use more of your skills in different areas. And it's a lot of fun.

In May I started working as an editorial assistant for a woman who's starting her own commercial real estate company getting retail space in airports. In this internship, I manage social media, including a Twitter feed, and we're building her website. I also do a lot of research, including one interesting task of developing a list of all the major malls in the country. I also write and put together projects for her, including presentations and speeches. 

I like this internship because, in meetings, I can express my opinion freely and not be considered biased for being a young, na├»ve, student. I can also accept gifts and maintain a friendly bond with my boss, who, in many cases, is my source of information when I'm putting together articles and blog posts. 

I was lucky enough to continue working remotely as an intern during the fall semester.

The take away is to reconsider industries that you wouldn't otherwise be interested in. This is the second real estate company I have worked for, and I never thought of real estate before, but I love it.  

 Who knows, it may be to my advantage after graduation.

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