Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LinkedIn is not d**chy, and Facebook can help you with your work. Really.

At the Online News Association Conference last fall, Matt McCarron and Julie Varney went to the all-day workshop for students and came back with a memorable quote from another student in the audience, after the speaker had mentioned the importance of LinkedIn.

"LinkedIn is so d**chy!" she said.

I'm not going to touch that one, except to say, that it may be (isn't everything?), but if you want a job, you can't ignore it. Some experts say that the resume will be extinct in ten years--you'll just send an employer your LinkedIn address.

So you need to have a profile on LinkedIn, AND you should be enaging with it in other ways, like searching for groups to connect with AND getting recommendations. Go to the tab up top, click on "recommendations" and request a few from internship supervisors, a past professor or employer. This can really help your profile with potential employers. (Don't ask me to LinkIn or recommend you until you've taken a class with me and graduated.)

There are lots of other ways to  leverage LinkedIn to make you smarter. I get an email each week from LinkedIn with the top stories in higher education. It does the job curating for me, and saves me time. You can have jobs sent to you as well.

Are you using Facebook to help you become a better journalist? You should be subscribing to Nieman Storyboard to read great writing in all forms; Sree Sreenivasan, whose SreeTips page is invaluable (I'm trying to get him up here this fall);  NYU prof Jay Rosen, whose PressThink column offers interesting takes on journalism; Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook's Journalist Program Manager, who writes about new developments journalists can use. Nick Kristof of the N.Y. Times is another great Facebook user, and can show you how a pro is using the platform.

Here are a few links culled from my social media feeds in no particular order.

Here's a recent Business Insider piece called 13 New Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible.

Sree posted this one called How to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile.

UM Journo alum Janine Warner posted this link about the best times to post on social media platforms. 

On Twitter, I follow a site called copyblogger, which has some good posts on blogging.

What are your suggestions? How are you using social media to find a job or internship?

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