Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's in your wallet: Why you need a high-tech business card

If you are now or soon will be job hunting, and you don't have a good business card in your wallet right now (five or six are better), you need to go to Vistaprint and get one.

Pay extra, get a strong design and go for the style that doesn't have printed on the back. It will still only cost you 20 bucks or so,  and will pay off immeasurably. This is just one piece of advice offered by Max Hartshorne, owner of, who spoke to the Entrepreneurial Journalism class this morning. I'll be sharing more of his lessons  in upcoming posts.

But first, business cards.

Kait Bigica, who is interning with Garvey Communications this semester (she helped me out at the Online News Association conference, attended for free, and brought back everything she learned to the Garvey folks, talk about synergy), showed me her rocking business card, which features a photo, her LinkedIn address, and, on the back, a QR Code that, when scanned on a smart phone, takes the user over to her website and a portfolio of her work.

So. To recap. Get a good business card. Carry them everywhere. Have a good LinkedIn profile, and put it on the card. Get your online portfolio in super shape. (Need help? COME SEE ME IN MY OFFICE.) Generate a  QR Code for your online portfolio here.

Then you're carrying around your resume, website and brand in your wallet.

You've got that card. Everything in the above paragraph is in good shape and you find yourself in an elevator with Marty Baron.

What's your next move?

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