Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rockin' and rollin' and entrepreneurial

Comes the news to me (via my LinkedIn account) that the three Localocracy boys have sold their site to Huffington Post.  No sale price was noted in the Daily Hampshire Gazette story, except  that it was less than $1 million.

The site started right here at UMass, and when co-founder Conor White-Sullivan spoke to my Entrepreneurial Journalism class last year, he talked about the challenges of deciding whether to take the offers they've had for the company. Looks like Arianna was able to persuade them; the three co-founders will now go to work for Huffington Post in New York.

Hopefully we can get Conor back up here soon to talk about the entrepreneurial journey so far.

Meanwhile, students in the the EJ class are starting to build out their projects-- some are planning to compete in the UMass MinutePitch. If you've got an idea and want to roll with it, this is an excellent way to get started and maybe walk away with $1,000 for your time.

The Localocracy story began with these kinds of campus pitch competitions. What's your story going to be?

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