Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion writers, please read: The tale of the million-dollar blogger

A lot of people want to write about fashion, but I try to steer them away from that, first because: a LOT of people want to write about fashion. Not that it's impossible, but it's a very rough road to travel.

If I can't steer them away, I try to direct them to some of the successful writers out there, like Cathy Horyn of the New York Times. (I'm hoping that while they're reading about Paris Fashion Week, they'll also read the front page and Nick Kristof)  and, of course, Bill Cunningham, the subject of one of the most-fun-to-watch documentaries I've seen in awhile, which you can check out below. Though Cunningham covers all the top shows and parties in New York, he never takes so much as a cup of coffee from the glitterati he covers. Best quote: "If you don't take their money, they can't tell you want to do."

Bill gets a well-earned paycheck from the New York Times. But Scott Schuman may become the first million-dollar blogger, with his fashion blog, The Sartorialist. In this very interesting piece, we learn about the economics of blogging, and what it takes to build a successful career in this competitive field.

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