Sunday, September 25, 2011

Internship info: deadlines and updates

I will be hosting a CareerConnect and Linkedin workshop with Brian Frenette from Career Services sometime in the next two weeks. This will be limited to the number of laptops in the seminar room--15 people. Please sign up on my office door.

Before you come to this workshop, please get a Linkedin profile set up and create a resume according to the guidelines in the Career Tips Handouts in the right hand column of this blog. IT'S DIFFERENT FROM WHAT CAREER SERVICES WILL TELL YOU TO DO. That's okay. We're journalists. We're different. This is called a functional resume.

Matt and Julie from AmherstWire attended the Online News Association Conference Career Summit and came away with some great tips for job and internship hunting. Watch this space for their post.

Opportunities and deadlines for spring 

If you're planning to apply for a Globe coop position, the deadline is October 15. You should COME SEE ME in my office if you are applying. I can tell you how our other successful applicants have made it into the program and work with you on the app. This is an extremely competitive process, so it helps to strategize.

Here's another great internship, at NPR.  Deadline for spring is November 15.

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