Friday, September 23, 2011

Increase traffic to your story with these tips from a Facebook Team member

Katelyn Bigica reporting from the Online News Association Conference in Boston
Vadim Lavrusik filled the room at his ONA 2011 seminar on Facebook and News Reporting. He addressed the changes that will be rolling out as the new Facebook Timeline is introduced and how you can use that and traditional Facebook apps to create a connection with your audience.
One main point Vadim made was interaction-- If you have a great story you want to post, don't limit it to your page. Send it to your friends as well to increase traffic and generate a conversation.
Vadim also pointed out that spacing posts might seem less spammy for your audience, however that is not the case. When an event occurs post it immediately-even if you have recently posted something else related to the topic. When a number of posts are about the same topic or share keywords, Facebook recognizes this and bunches them into "clusters," which gives a higher edge rank to your friends/fans news feeds.
With the new Timeline introduction a series of changes will come to Facebook. One important change you should utilize is the "subscribe" option. Instead of having people "like" you have them "subscribe" to you.  Vadim said people feel more comfortable subscribing to someone instead of liking them and this will generate more traffic to your page. 

Vadim also noted it is important to download the mobile Facebook app to your phone so you can instantly update real time stories or photos.

Vadim also shared a study Facebook conducted on the relationship between post length and engagement.  According to the study, posts that were five lines long received 70% more views and posts that were four lines long only received 40% more views.  He also advised that adding an analysis to your post/link increases the posts click rate by 70%.

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