Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to learn things you don't know: Start by asking your network.

In my Journalism Launchpad class, students are developing their resumes, starting the job/internship search and otherwise gearing up for the next stage of their careers.

In our online discussion, one student noted that, while searching through job listings, she realized there were many required skills that she still needs to be able to get her first public relations job.

One major element of public relations these days is understanding the use of social media, or social media marketing.

So I did an experiment.  I used social media myself to find some experts that this student could follow. Around 11:30 a.m. today (Sunday), I posted on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages:

Who are the experts on social media marketing that a young public relations student should be reading online? Any suggestions?
12 noon: On Facebook: From Janice Brown, an old high school friend who now runs her own marketing company in New Hampshire:
David Meerman Scott, noted author and blogger at Also Seth Godin, author and blogger at Both are veteran marketers and visionaries who were talking about social media concepts before the flood of "social media experts" hit the market. My colleagues Greg Jarboe and Michael Kolowich (they are both here on Facebook) are great sources of ideas and knowledge about using video in social media marketing. (Greg is also an expert on SEO.) My personal belief is that understanding the concepts behind social media marketing is most important -- the tactics are common sense and easy to learn and apply. 
And this, also from Janice: 
My colleague, Greg Jarboe, wrote "YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day." 
1 p.m. I check my email to find this from Terri Ryan, who I've never met, but really like. We connected through Bill Densmore, who introduced us a few years ago:  


Terri Ryan has sent you a message.
Date: 1/23/2011
Subject: Social Media marketing for students
BJ- I am a contributor to a great social media mareting how-to site owned by the Chicago Tribune, I'd recommend it to your students! Freezing here in Chicago for the Bears game! Terri

And this, from a Kerry O'Grady, a former student, who I never had in class, but who comes back to speak to classes, and who I also like a lot. 


Kerry O'Grady has sent you a message.
Date: 1/23/2011
Subject: RE: Where should I send young public...
Hi Professor!

I work with PR social media strategies/tactics daily, and read a ton of stuff, but here are some of my favorites:,, & I also follow every social media heavyweight on Twitter--I recommend all future social media stars to do the same! :) Let me know what you think!

Kerry O'Grady
B.A. Journalism & English 2006 

At Terri's suggestion, I checked out, and found this this piece about how NYU Journo prof Jay Rosen uses Twitter.  Which I will now post on the Journalism Program Facebook page. 

1:45 , this FB post came in from Fara Warner, who I met at the Poynter Institute last summer.

Fara Warner from a friend: here's one space to keep an eye on: (esp. Sam Ford's work)

And this, from Raz, Serena Carpenter's site about Online Journalism. A goldmine. 

2:15 comes this FB post from Sabine Cray, a pr practitioner at UMass:

Sabine Haberland Cray Ragan's PR Daily News Feed: Public Relations and Marketing in the Age of Social Media. Go to

Home.aspx. Sign up for the daily news feed at top of page (PR Daily).
10 minutes ago · 

2:30 p.m. This person shows up in my Gmail, he's now following me on Twitter. I'll probably follow him as well. 

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