Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good reading from 2010

Each year, New York Times columnist David Brooks rounds up the year's best magazine reporting and essays. You couldn't do better than to read a few of his selections, particularly Charlie LeDuff's piece on the killing of a young girl in Detroit. 

I also read the terrific profile of James Franco when it first appeared in New York Magazine, which is one of my current favorites; these days I'm subscribing to New York, The New Yorker, Fortune, The Writer, and Wired.

I'm getting ready to teach the Journalism Launchpad class once again, and though I'm seeing a few more jobs this year than last, there's no question that it's a discouraging time to be trying to find a job.

But make no mistake. The world needs journalists, now more than ever.

Read the good ones here and here.

What magazines do you subscribe to and why? Share your picks for must reads here.

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