Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nieman Storyboard: great reading about great writing

I always save the e-mails from the Nieman Storyboard site for a time in my day when I'm ready for some good reading, and I'm never disappointed. It's a calorie-free candybox for anyone interested in good non-fiction of any stripe. 

Here's a taste:

And. While we're here. Can I just add this link to Anna Badkhen's recent Boston Globe Travel piece on a visit to Guadalupe  Mountains National Park? It's not your typical travel story. See if you like it.

How one site uses social media to create compelling news narratives. (Specifically, it's about storify, a new platform that ... okay, well I don't really know what it does, but I am going to read this to find out.)

And, moving forward in the debate about whether digital journalism will become the death of narrative here's Nieman's Notable Narrative: California is a Place.

They report, you decide.

(Update: I checked out the stories on California is a Place and note that this can be duplicated here by an enterprising student. Massachusetts is a place, too.) 

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