Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tips for tuning up your blog

I've been out running around on the web this afternoon looking for other things, and came across a few posts that might be helpful if you're looking to tune up your blog.

I met the founder of BlogWorld at the  BlogHer conference in New York last summer; each year they host a gathering in Las Vegas that draws bloggers of all types. It looks like  a killer conference. 

If you can't get there in October, BlogWorld's web page has lots of useful information.

Mashable has picked out 21 creative blogger bio pages

And here's a good one: Is Your Blog a Drunken Sorority Sister?

If you'd like to branch out into broadcasting, you might want to try BlogTalkRadio, which allows you to host your own show.

Got any good links on blogging? Send them along.

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