Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a UMass, UMass, UMass, UMass world

Have I told you lately that I love UMass? I do.

Here's why. It's where I got my degree. Made friends I still have, 30 years later.

AND, everywhere I go, I run into fantastic UMass alums. In the most unexpected places. More about that in a minute.

Also. Now that I teach here, I get to see students come through the university, do their thing at the Collegian, UVC, MUA; go to classes (or not), do their internships, then hatch out into the world and make things happen. Then I can take partial credit for their work. Win win!

Like Erika Lovley, who just did this great story for Politico.com.

And Bill Gallagher, who sent us a note about a documentary he worked on that just debuted in New York called Racing Dreams. Take a look:

Right now I am at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, at a seminar called Bottom Line News, Creating Sustainable Journalism Startups, getting some good stuff for my Entrepreneurial Journalism class this fall, and trying to figure out how to get my website, fiftyshift.com generating some revenue. There are only about 20 of us, but one of them is another UMass alum: Hernan Rozemberg is a STEPC grad, a Collegian alum and a fine writer on immigration issues, most recently for the San Antonio Express-News.

He cites as a great supporter and mentor: Professor Nick McBride.

Who is also, ahem, a UMass alum.

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