Sunday, May 30, 2010

My other favorite place

If you live in Massachusetts, you probably have a love for Cape Cod entangled somewhere in your DNA. And if you don't, you should give up and move to New Jersey, because there is no hope for you.

The cape is pure open light and water, unlike any other landscape in New England. That's what has attracted so many artists and photographers, including photographer Joel Meyerowitz, who has captured those elements in his work.

You could spend your life trying to capture the feeling yourself, in words or photos or videos, and it would not be a bad way to go. Henry Beston came back from the war and decided he wanted to live for a bit on the beach in Eastham; his book "The Outermost House" is a wonderful read.

We all search for our own "outermost house" on the cape. Back in the early 1980's, my husband and I started renting a cheap little sweep out of a cottage in Wellfleet. Over the past two summers, we've moved down Cape (or is it up?) to North Truro, and a little motel with kitchenette right on the Cape Cod bay with a view to Provincetown. Heaven.

For us the dream is not a four-star resort, but one of those little dune shacks you see when you're walking in the Cape Cod National Seashore, whose jewel in the crown, Coast Guard Beach, was recently named one of the Top Ten Beaches in the US.

If you have ever seen these old shacks and wondered who lives in them, Dave Ryan at the Globe has put together a fab video of one dune shack owner and her dilemma. Take a look.

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