Friday, March 26, 2010

Venting: Why don't you folks keep appointments?

Another day of driving in early to meet a student for an appointment.

Another day the student doesn't show up.

This is a trend these days, and I'm trying to figure it out. In the real world, when you make an appointment to meet and you can't make it, you contact the person, preferably ahead of time, to cancel. Here, you just don't show up. What's up with this?

I mentioned to a student who had just stopped coming to class for a few weeks that the student should have sent me an email to let me know what was going on. The student noted that s/he didn't use email much anymore, and instead was only texting. Again: what's up with this?

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Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem with California State University students in the "Real World".
When they make appointments to have work done on their cars I try to communicate with them in a way seemingly appropriate to their generation.

Immediately following their setting an appointment, I promise and follow through with the sending of a text message which provides turn-by-turn driving instructions. (Role model the behavior I'm hoping they will show back.)

On the evening before their appointment, I send a text message
that states the time and purpose of the appointment agreed to.

Are we expected to also heap praise on the millennials in order to increase the odds they'll honor their self-chosen appointment time?