Friday, February 26, 2010

What's on your business card?

If you don't have a business card yet, why not? They're cheap and oh-so-easy to get.

But then the question begins, what do you put on it?

For the answer to this, I open my desk drawer and take out the card I still have, that was given to me by a 2009 Journalism Launchpad student (and UMass football player), Athony Rouzier.
It's a thing of beauty, with a pic of Anthony, his name, his cel number and email address on the front.

But then you flip it over.

He's got a mini-resume on the thing. Here's what it reads:

University of Massachusetts
B.A. Journalism
Concentration in Sports and Business
Football Letterman 2 years
All Academic Team 2 years
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Bartending Certificate and Experience
Career Aspirations: Law, Business, Coaching, Teaching, Media

I would just add my LinkedIn account name.

In one card, he got his elevator pitch down. I'm showing it to my class next week. (Anthony is now in Miami, getting ready to apply to law school. He emailed me recently that he used his elevator pitch in an elevator, and as a result, made an important contact with a UMass alum who works as a sports agent.)

Poynter Ask the Recruiter columist Joe Grimm suggests you consider adding a bar code.

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