Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't just aggregate, curate!

We're heading into the home stretch in the Entrepreneurial Journalism class, and students are preparing their project prospectus and developing the look and feel of their "for-profit" web journalism projects. The goal is to develop a project that an "investor" will provide startup funding for. (It's just pretend, but still.)

Some great projects have emerged from this class, and I think everyone's learning a lot about entrepreneurship and what it takes to shepherd an idea to fruition. On December 7, they'll face our very own Dragon's Den, two judges who will decide which projects should get the venture capital money.

Journalistic entrepreneurship was the big buzz at the Online News Association Conference held in San Francisco last month, and I'm using tons of what I learned there in my classes. The main takeaway from this coverage? Don't just aggregate, curate! Check it out.

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