Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When I was a kid, you had to walk five miles through the snow to see a Michael Jackson video

At my high school class reunion last weekend, the dance floor at the VFW was filled with some very good looking 55-year-old women dancing to a 27-year-old song, "Billie Jean," by Michael Jackson.

As a dance classic, this song still holds up, and I remembered when it first came out, being at work very late in the back room at the small paper I was editing and dancing to it with the paste-up girls--these were the staffers who were actually pasting up strips of print to a board, which we would later drive down to get printed into a real newspaper. Back then all you had was radio, vinyl records, and this new thing on the tube called MTV. (The newspaper is no longer with us. It went under in the mid 1980's.)

Fast forward to this week, which sees the release of This is It, the documentary about Jackson's last days. As Liz Ganns points out on NewTeeVee there are tons of online media options to find out more about this flick and catch Jackson performing this song for the last time. There's the Livestream coverage of the premiere. You can catch the preview--and reserve your movie theater tickets-- directly from a Sony channel here. Another site called Crackle has previews and red carpet coverage.

A lot has changed.

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