Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joni Evans on the changes in the publishing world

I attended a conference in New York last spring, and who was sitting across the table from me but Joni Evans. OMG!

You probably have never heard of her, but Joni Evans, along with Nora Ephron, was a big role model for me and other young women looking to get into the journalism or publishing business back in the 1970's. Here were a couple of fun, strong, brilliant women who were making things happen. If Sex and The City was on the air back then, they'd have been the models for the characters.

Forty years later, they're still strong role models, because they're still working and creating interesting projects, way into their 60's and 70's. Ephron produced the movie Julie and Julia, and Joni has a reasonably new site for women called wowOwow.

And Joni is still fun. She attracted a small gaggle of young women admirers and yacked with us like we were all old friends. Here's a great essay she wrote for the New York Times business section on the changing face of the publisher's office. Still love her.

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