Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shameless pitch for a new course

Enrollment is still open for Entrepreneurial Journalism (397EJ), a new, three-credit course designed to help journalism students explore and develop entrepreneurial skills, that is, developing a business, or a living for yourself, from your journalistic ideas.

We'll look at successful journalistic entrepreneurs-mostly digital, and we'll look at emerging business models for online journalistic endeavors.

Students will conduct case studies of successful web journalism projects, and they'll develop their own basic web journalism ideas. We'll also talk about freelancing, consulting, and other ways people with journalism skills make a living independently.

This is not a writing class per se, but there will be a lot of writing, presenting, and collaborating. Just like in the real world.

I'm really excited about teaching this class, but it's new and still needs enrollment. If you're looking for an interesting three credits--okay, I'll probably work you hard, but it will also be fun--sign up!

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