Friday, August 14, 2009

Love that old media

One problem withthis discussion of "new" versus "old" media is that most of the people who dismiss the "old" media are on the "new" media all the time. So they sometimes forget that there are still lots of people who are still listening to the radio, watching television and reading hard copy newspapers. Okay, maybe these outlets won't be around in ten years--I will wager that a lot of them will be-- but they still have audiences.

Anyway, I only mention this because my friend and colleague Helene Powers were on the Bill Dwight radio show on WHMP this morning, talking about the booklet she wrote and I'm publishing and selling, through my website

By the time I got home, I already had an order through the site. So naturally, I Twittered and Facebooked the event. We also got invited to come back and read our essays for broadcast.

So it's all a big soup. Using the old to inform people about the new. I'm thinking about spending a little money to advertise my site on WFCR, the public radio station here in the valley.

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