Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't miss Charles M. Sennott's reports on the Taliban

I sat in my driveway last night for an hour, unable to leave my car because I was listening to UMass alum Charlie Sennott on Terry Gross's Fresh Air.

The topic: The Taliban, and US efforts in Afghanistan. It's not a pretty picture, and Charlie knows because he's gone out into the remote villages and military outposts and listened. He's one of the best reporters and writers anywhere.

Charlie used to work for the Globe, and now runs a new online international journalism site: He was one of the first print reporters to recognize and embrace the potential of the web and a multimedia approach to reporting. As a result, his story has layers and depth that will keep you reading.

You can learn a lot from reading his work, not only about the Taliban and what's happening in Afghanistan, but how a reporter works. Check out the structure of the stories and the multimedia elements.

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