Monday, July 13, 2009

The revision process: 'til death do they part

I follow Dan Baum on Twitter because I really liked the stories he wrote for the New Yorker post-Katrina New Orleans. He has some interesting insights about reporting and writing, and also about how he's using new technologies to help sell his book, Nine Lives.

For example, he Skypes with book clubs who read his book--it's like having the author in your living room. Very cool.

Today he twittered a link to his wife Margaret Knox's website. She has edited his work over the years, here, she writes about the specifics of a New Yorker. It's interesting, and worthwhile for young writers (who generally get huffy when told that their first draft sucks). Take a look. They did at least eleven revisions for a New Yorker piece. And these are experienced journalists. many revisions did you do on your last piece?

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