Friday, April 10, 2009

We heart UMass

Today I'm watching out my office window at the gaggles of parents and high school seniors as they take their UMass tours--I have quite possibly seen as many as a thousand people pass by today alone.

It's fun to watch the kids and their parents and wonder who in this crowd will be here this fall as students. This morning, I did a workshop with several seniors to develop the online portfolios that will, we hope, help them find jobs and develop their careers. (If you missed it and want to get on the train, e-mail me; I'm going to do a followup before the end of the month.)

As we worked, I got to hear from students about their goals and talk about how they might get there. It was fun--and rewarding, as a teacher, to see how much people have grown in their four years here, and how they're preparing for the next transition.

It brought me back to what a great place UMass can be--plenty of Kafkaesque craziness, to be sure, but also, lots of opportunity for those who put themselves out there, and some terrific people, both students and teachers.

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