Thursday, April 23, 2009

Benna Chang, self-publisher

Benna Chang (you can see her food blog to the right), just stopped by my office with her new baby: Home is where my stomach is...tasty recipes and fond memories of a hungry traveler. It's a terrific cookbook, with photos, recipes and travelogue, all by... Benna!

The barriers to self-publishing are tumbling down, and if you've got a project that you think you can sell, check out for books, or for magazines.

These operations take your photos and text, put them into templates or your designs, and oversee the printing process. Traditionally, this part of a writing project can be the biggest headache--and the biggest expense. (You still need to have well-written prose, top quality photos and graphics. If you're not good at self-editing, it's worth paying an editor before you put your work in print.)

Benna's book cost about $20 per copy and she ordered 20 copies using a grant. She can always order more copies if she needs them. I was pleased to have a copy, and I'm going to use her scallion pancake recipe this weekend.

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