Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Using social media to find a job

I just heard from former student who is currently job hunting in NYC, that she put "looking for a job in public relations" on her Twitter channel just for laughs, and actually heard from a couple of recruiters.

This is not as crazy as it might sound. Here's a Wall Street Journal story by Jonnelle Marte on how young people are using Twitter in the job-hunt. The lede:

Looking for a new job, Alexa Scordato didn't email or call her contacts about possible openings. Instead, she messaged them via the social-networking Web site Twitter.com.

Her brief message: "Hey there! Looking for a Social Media job up in Boston. Are you guys doing any entry level hires?"

Within a week, she had an interview. Within two weeks, she had a job.

The site, which lets users publish supershort updates of what they're doing, is a virtual meeting ground where a range of communities -- from moms to media professionals -- come to converse informally.

It's been criticized as a site for sharing mundane details about everyday activities. But people like 22-year-old Ms. Scordato, who used Twitter to privately message some people she'd met at a conference, show the site can be more than that.

"I would guess that if I had just sent them a long email with my résumé, I might not have gotten a response as fast as I did," says Ms. Scordato, who was hired by Mzinga, a Boston-area company that helps businesses use social technology.

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