Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you have an online portfolio?

An online portfolio is an invaluable addition to your job-or-internship hunting arsenal. Resumes should be one page. They're static, text-only, and not too deep. On the other hand, your online portfolio can tell an employer a lot more about your skills.

That slide show you did in the Sicily course? You wouldn't send it out with your resume. But you can post it on your portfolio and put the site address on your resume.

An online portfolio can show the employer how you approach your work. It's almost a pre-interview.

It's easier than ever to produce an onlin portfolio. Sites and services like Google sites, Wordpress, Blogger, and others enable you to put together a good portfolio in a few hours.

You'll need your "elevator pitch," that three-to-five minute boilerplate introduction, of about 200 words that tells who you are and what you're looking for. You also need a good, professional photograph. Then, of course, you need some great clips and work to post.

Sean Sullivan, who recently completed an internship at the Daily Hampshire Gazette, has developed a good one. He worked hard on a couple of levels, first, to produce the work, and then to figure out how to present it--on his site, he discusses how he approaches stories as a multi-platform reporter. A visitor to this site gets a sense of a potential employee with journalism skills AND an understanding of how to approach a story.

Take a look.

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