Friday, January 30, 2009

The tyranny of the search engine

If you're considering trying to make a business from your blog, you need to learn about Search Engine Optimization, and how search engines will find your blog using keywords.
It can actually get awkward and annoying, as I'm finding with my site,

There is almost a science to this, as well as an emerging industry of web services that hire writers to produce 50 "stories" a day--usually just a paragraph-- for $1 a story.

There are books and experts out there on the topic, but Google itself offers a lot of free advice.

The upshot is that the clever turn of phrase that works so well in print doesn't help when it comes to online content. In fact, when you're trying to get readers to your site, the plainer and clearer, the better.

Poynter has an interview today with former Orlando, FL restaurant critic Scott Joseph, who is now blogging. He offered this and other tips and observations that you may find useful.

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