Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buying an internship

You might read this Wall Street Journal story, entitled: Buying Your Kid an Internship, and ask me to make sense of this whole work world. Here's the lede:

Faced with a dismal market for college summer internships, a growing number of anxious parents are pitching in to help -- by buying their kids a foot in the door.

Some are paying for-profit companies to place their college students in internships that are mostly unpaid. Others are hiring marketing consultants to create direct-mail campaigns promoting their children's workplace potential. Still other parents are buying internships outright in online charity auctions.

I would have to tell you, I don't get it either. For the record, career and internship services are available for free here at UMass.

But the competition for internships is fierce, so you need to step up the game, get smart in class, build your clips, learn the tech skills and do all you can to compete with those kids whose parents have the money to do this. And even then, there are no guarantees.

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