Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Financing the internship

Everyone probably knows the benefits of internships: the chance to get professional experience and mentoring, along with entry into a professional network. But the big problem, at least in journalism internships, is money.

Most internships in this field are unpaid, which can be a real hardship if you're doing a summer internship, when you need to pay Continuing Education to the tune of $290 per credit. Ideally, I would like to see more employers do what Family Fun, the Castle Group, and some others do, which is pay students for their time.

Until that happens, try not to let finances stop you from doing an internship. In most cases it's worth it.

Start with these scholarships available through the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, many of which are designed to help pay the costs of doing an internship.

And watch for the scholarship essay writing workshop that Poli Sci lecturer Laura Reed and I will soon be doing. We hope to get it up and running before the end of the semester. More later.

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